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About Make a Referral Week

Make a Referral Week 2010 is March 8-12

Make a Referral Week is an entrepreneurial approach to stimulating the small business economy one referred business at a time. The goal for the week is to generate 1000 referred leads to 1000 deserving small businesses in an effort to highlight the impact of a simple action that could blossom into millions of dollars in new business. Small business is the lifeblood and job-creating engine of the economy and merits the positive attention so often saved for corporate bailout stories. Make Your Referral Here!

The week long virtual event will also feature daily education programs focused on teaching small business owners and other marketers how to tap the power of referral marketing. Featured guest experts include Ivan Misner, founder of BNI and author Masters of Networking, Bob Burg, author of Endless Referrals and the Go-Givers Sell More, Ben McConnell, author of Creating Customer Evangelists, David Meerman Scott, author of New Rules of Marketing and PR, Guy Kawasaki, author of Reality Check, Chris Brogan, author of Trust Agents, Rohit Bhargava author of Personality Not Included, Dan Schawbel author of Me2.0, Anita Campbell, publisher of Small Business Trends, Ann Handley, editor of Marketing Profs, Lisa Barrone, Outspoken Media, Scott Allen, author of the Virtual Handshake, John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing, Scott Ginsberg of Nametag TV, Janine Popick, CEO of Vertical Response, and Pam Slim, author Escape from Cubicle Nation.

Individuals around the globe will be invited to make at least one referral to a small business and visit to share the referral details, including information on why they referred a particular business. Each day during the week one referral story will be chosen as the “best referral of the day” and the referred business and referral source will each win a Referral Gift Prize featuring signed books from recognized referral experts.

The Refer-O-Meter will monitor the march towards 1000 referrals given throughout the week.

A large blog and media outreach is planned to spread the word of the make a referral message and opportunity and drive participation in the educational components of the week. Banners Ads and buttons will be available prior to event and RSS feeds and widgets will be available during the week to stream the content and referral updates to participating sponsor sites.

If you would like to promote and/or sponsor this event, contact John Jantsch for details.

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