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The March to 1000 Referrals Made

This is the place to publicly demonstrate your commitment to the small business referral stimulus package.

Here’s how you do your part:
1) Scroll to the bottom of this page and add who your referred and why in the comments section – feel free to add URLs so others can learn about the business you referred.
2) Take in all the great educational content all week
3) Bask in the glow of small business coolness!

  • Brenda Coffey

    I would like to refer Candy Concepts at for store fixtures, displays, plastic and acrylic containers for businesses. Candy Concepts will take the time to answer questions about opening a new business and running a business. They are extremely helpful to business owners and welcome your questions.

  • mitshell

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  • mitshell

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  • Stephen

    I referred my roommate to She was using Turbotax and had all kinds of questions, and I suggested Teaspiller because it was quicker and let her enter in info online, before handing it off to a CPA for completion

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